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Dropped out physicist, software engineer, musician, painter, entrepreneur, writer. Founded Passpack. After was at Yahoo, Turo, and Tron.

life mostly based on a true story

Supreme Leader of the Local Fluff. Problems are inevitable. Problems are solvable.

my dream is for someone to throw tomatoes at me on gurlic

Traductor y profesor en Valencia


phone dead mail instead

The key to the human soul is good food, shelter (architecture), beauty (art), wisdom and knowledge. And dogs!

The g.d. devil himself.

Hello 👋 🤖

UX/Interface Design & Front-end Development & Virtual Reality UX & Other Stuff… Can be found mostly sharing interesting links, nitpicking and raising bugs for @gurlic.


A defined page, but nothing of worth - Null

A security engineer from Japan.

I can run anything!!

A community to discuss gurlic, suggest new features, file bugs etc.